My Counselling Approach

Creating a Safe Environment

One of the most important parts of my counselling work is co-creating an environment where you feel safe, supported, connected, and understood. I know firsthand how awkward and vulnerable it can be to walk into a counselling office for the first time, so I try my best to make the experience as comfortable as possible.

Building an Alliance

I believe, and research continually shows, that the therapeutic relationship—the relationship between therapist and client—typically has the most significant impact on the outcome of therapy. Knowing this, I strive to build a strong, authentic alliance with my clients so that they feel seen and supported while exploring the range of their experience and working together towards their therapeutic goals.

A Client-Centered Philosophy

I recognize all individuals come to counselling with different personalities, cultural backgrounds, needs, and past experiences—even if their struggles sometimes look similar from the outside. Therefore, in keeping with my client-centered philosophy, I work with you to blend a variety of counselling modalities and techniques that best suit your specific needs and goals. Some therapeutic tools I frequently use with clients include mindfulness-based strategies, cognitive and dialectical behavioural-based techniques, and emotion-focused interventions.

An Inclusive Space

I warmly welcome individuals of all genders, sexual orientations, and cultural backgrounds.