Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) and Registered Holistic Nutritionist (RHN)

About Courtney

My journey to becoming a counsellor was not a linear one. After completing my undergrad degree in English I decided to head to culinary and pastry school for a creative and more hands-on education. I then worked in Vancouver as a personal chef and holistic nutritionist, helping others in their relationships with food. It was this experience, along with my personal history with disordered eating, that led me to pursue a career in counselling so that I could expand and deepen my knowledge about the complex relationships we humans have with food, our bodies, and our emotions and better help people struggling with all three.

While completing my Master of Counselling degree from City University of Seattle in Vancouver, where I focused my thesis research on orthorexia, I had the privilege of honing my practice in a child and youth eating disorder program as a counselling intern. During this experience, I worked closely with an interdisciplinary team of medical professionals and therapists to support young people and their caregivers in navigating the process of recovery.

When I am not with clients, you can find me spending time with my partner, enjoying the beautiful nature in and around my home in Victoria, British Columbia, checking out new restaurants and cafes, reading, jumping down a YouTube rabbit hole, and practicing yoga and meditation.